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High School


Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to Kountze High School.  Our goal is to provide an opportunity for academic excellence for all students. 

My educational philosophy is grounded in the promise of a better tomorrow for all learners. I believe all have the right to be educated to their maximum potential.  As educators, it is our privilege and our duty to equip students with the tools and skills needed to lead a successful life as productive citizens through continued education or placement in the work force.  I understand all students are unique and dynamic individuals. Our educational programs must incorporate the latest research on teaching methodologies to increase student performance and foster success for all learning styles. As educators, we must be creative risk takers in exploring new and innovative ways to challenge students intellectually, physically, and emotionally.

I, as well as the entire high school staff, look forward to a successful school year at Kountze High School.  As active, participating stakeholders in this community, we will be able to continue providing a quality education for generations of students.



Chet Deaver, Ed.D


Fall Parent/Family Engagement Newsletter

Fall Parent/Family Engagement Newsletter – Spanish


Winter Parent/Family Engagement Newsletter


Winter Parent/Family Engagement Newsletter – Spanish

Spring Parent/Family Engagement Newsletter

Spring Parent/Family Engagement Newsletter – Spanish

2017 TAPR (Campus Report Card)

2018-2019 Student Handbook

2018-2019 Campus Improvement 

2018-2019 Student Code of Conduct


AP Calculus Final Video Project


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