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Here is my current schedule for the 2018-2019 school year::

Morning class

7:30  Children come to class – restroom, enjoy books

7:45  Pledges and announcements

7:50  Large group teaching time

8:15 (or later) Dismiss to learning centers

9:30 Clean up centers, children restroom

9:40 Recess on playground

10:00 Come inside, water/ Draw & write in journals at table

10:15 Music and movement with videos

10:20 Daily News, large group stories and/or Smart Board activities

10:45 Line up and go to circle drive

(I have conference from 10:45-11:35 and lunch from 11:35-12)   

 Afternoon Class:

11:30-12:00 Pre-K Lunch

12:00-12:20 Pledges, large group circle

12:25-1:05 Learning centers

1:10-1:30 Recess on playground

1:30-2:00 Return to learning centers

2:00- 2:10 Clean up centers

2:10-2:25 Write in journals

2:25-2:50 Music and movement, Daily News, large group stories, and Smart Board activities

2:50 Car riders to gym, dismiss buses as called