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Weekly Vocabulary Words

Week 21 Words to Know:

compromise – an agreement in which both sides agree to gain and lose something of value
commission – a group which has been given absolute power to make a decision on a given topic
segregation – setting one group apart from another
industrial nation – a country with a high level of development
demand – the amount of an economic good or service a consumer will want to purchase at a given time
supply – the amount of an economic good or service that is available at any given time
manager – a person responsible for controlling or administering certain aspects of a company
investor – a person who gives money to a business in order to receive a financial gain in return at a later time
wages – payment for labor or services from an employer to an employee
telegraph – a communication machine invented in the early 1800s that used electromagnetic signals to send messages along wires
transcontinental railroad – a railroad that transports people and goods across a continent