The Royal Regiment Band

Middle school band students competed at this year's UIL Solo and Ensemble contest at Lumberton High School.  There were many first division (superior) ratings won by these students.  In addition, some of our students played class 2 and even class 1 level solos.  Class 3 solos are intended for middle school students, with class 2 and class 1 solos usually being played by high school students.  The following are the names of are students who were awarded a superior rating.

The Kountze Middle School Band (The Royal Regiment) performed at the UIL Concert and Sight-reading contest on Thursday, March 5, 2015.  They were awarded the highest rating of Sweepstakes.  This distinction is awarded to groups that receive a first division rating (superior) in both Concert, which is prepared music, and in Sight-reading.  This is an exceedingly difficult accomplishment, since the Royal Regiment only meets as a whole eight to ten times prior to competing.  The program that the band used in concert was, Valley Forge March by John Edmondson, In The Bleak Midwinter by Gustav Holst, and Pinnacle by Rob Grice.  All six judges commented on the overall maturity of sound and dynamic contrast displayed by the ensemble. Judge Dr. Scott Sheppard also commented, “Great looking band!  Very organized and disciplined.”  Director Brad Long, commented, “Our students were superior in every way from the beginning of the day to the end.  Their performance was a result of their hard work all year and their desire to succeed.  Congratulations should be given to the parents, teachers, and administration for raising and supporting these young people.”