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First Day of School

Monday, August the 27th is the first day of school.

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Welcome to Physical Education/Athletics.


Class Syllabus for Physical Education

Grading :

1. Daily Points:  20 Points are earned every day.

Students must be present and meet all expectations to earn points for the day.

Items needed for class:

  1. Red Top
  2. Tennis shoes
  3.  Black Shorts/wind pants of any color
  4.  Participation
  5. Paper and Pencil 


  • Absent: see Teacher for make up work and how it’s scored look below
    • Work done the next day you earn full credit
    • Work done 2 days later you earn 75% of the credit
    • 3 days later you earn ½ of the credit

Make-up work:

  1. Test : Students who are absent the day of a test.
    •  test will be given the next available day.
  2. Daily Pionts: Students who are absent from daily activities.
    • Paper: One page hand written over any sport offered at the Kountze Middle/High school. Research the sport of your choice and where you got your information, also there are handouts.
    • Give up a free day for a 15 minute walk. This is offered only once every 6 weeks.
    • Students that are in ISS will have the ABC exercise workout 


Course Description

Physical Education is a year long course. Designed to encourage vigorous activities, cooperation and creativity, safety, and stimulate social development. Health lessons will be incooperated into the program. Course will cover skill development and lifelong wellness. 


4th Six Weeks

Exercise test using alphabets


Different types of Dances

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness continued

They are: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual and physical

Nutrition/Food group

Right way of eating

calories intake 

African American Scientist

Rules are the same

There will be 2-3 written test

Class expectations are the same


3rd Six Week

Learn about: 

Health  Related Parts of Fitness

*(needed to be Physically Fit)*

Skill related parts of Fitness

*(not Necessary to being Physically Fit)*

The Dimensions of Wellness 

Health Triangle

Rules are the same...

There will be 2 to 3 written test

Class Expectations 

**For each student to be on time to the locker room and participate in class

**For each student to set and develop goals within Fitness and accomplish them throughout the school year

**For each student to learn a new sports and activities they can continue throughout their lifetime

**For each student to feel confident and giving 100%


2nd Six Weeks

  Activities will be volleyball, football and lead up games for each one of those activities.

Learn Health related parts of Fitness/Controllable risk factors

Physical Education Rules

  1. Be prepared for Class
    • Dress out (tennis shoes, red top and black shorts)
  2. Participation
  3. Be respectful to Teacher and Classmates
  4. No Horseplaying
  5. No cell phones
  6. Follow all school rules
  7. When you can’t participate in class activities there will be a worksheet/health book assignment


There will be 2 written Test every Six weeks

  •     Students will copy note on 1 Friday and the Test will be the following Friday of the next week.
  •      Review for the test will be every day until test day.

Class Expectations

The students will:

  •  Be on time
  •   Be quiet during instructions
  •   Play all games fair and according to rules
  •   Have no food, chewing gum and drinks while in class
  •   Be expected to make 80% or higher on all written test


1st Six week 

  • Physical Fitness/Benefits and Guideliines of Exercise
  • Volleyball Unit
  • Grades are earned by (participation, red top, black shorts and tennis shoes) 5 points each and 20 pts.daily.
  • Students need to be present to earn the credit for that day.
  • Written test are given 
  • Students will be able to get make-up work when absent from class. Students will have to ask for their work and it can be before/after returning to school.

Class expectations

The students will:

  • Be on time
  • Be quiet during instructions
  • Play all games fair and according to rules
  • No food, gum and drinks allowed in class
  • Expected to make 70% or higher on all written test
  • Respect self and others


6th Six Weeks

Test will cover:

Continue with weights (safety)

Mile Run

State Testing (Fitness Gram)

Rules are  the same every 6 weeks

There will be 2-3 written test

Class expectations are the same


5th Six Weeks

Testing will cover:

Digestive System - being able to label the organs and know their functions (Test)

Muscular System/Weight Training (Test)

Aerobics: Dance/Walking Voc (Test)

Spring Activities – 

Rules are  the same

There will be 2-3 written test

Class expectations are the same









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