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Throughout the year I make an effort to update my webpage as frequently as possible so check back often to find out what we're doing in the classroom.        

-- M. Allen

Last updated 10/19/17


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Art I


Art II


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KHS Art Club




I encourage prospective art students to review my philosophy on my art class and curriculum. If any of the following is a problem for you, you might reconsider your decision to enroll in art.


  • you like to work...hard. – You must if you want to pass and/or become a better artist.


  • you like to follow directions. – This is a necessity for learning proper techniques and ensuring the success of your work.


  • you like to be creative and experiment. Not everything will work out the first time you try it. That's okay! But do not waste too much of your time and talent on reproducing other people's ideas and work. Be INSPIRED rather than imitative whenever possible.


  • you understand effort is often more important than skill. – Many successful artists are successful because of their hard work ethic, not because critics immediately liked their artworks.


  • you do not think art class will be an easy A. – YOU EARN YOUR GRADES. THEY ARE NOT GIVEN. For more on this topic, you should check out this article from the Student Art Guide which outlines some of the main reasons students do poorly in art class.


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