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Online Registration

Registration is now open for NEW STUDENTS ONLY!!

If you do not have a Parent Portal account, then you will need to create one with the steps below.  If you have any problems or questions, email Spencer Mathews for help.  His email is  If you already have a parent portal account you can skip to the New Student Registration instructions below.

Here are the steps to create a Parent Portal account.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Create Account button.
    create account
  3. Fill in the information requested to create a username and password and enter your email address.  The phone number is optional.
    user info
  4. Select the one of the security questions from the dropdown menu and enter your answer (they are case sensitive so if you enter Lion for your mascot, you will need be sure it’s a capital L when you answer your security question.
    security question
  5. Click on the green Finish button.  
  6. Check your email for the Email Verification.  It should have a link in the email that you click to “Validate Email”. Once you do that you should get a page that says “Your Email has been verified successfully.”  


If you already have an account and you’re not sure if your email account is verified, here is how you can check.

  1. Login to Parent Portal here,
  2. If your email account is NOT verified you will get a warning message that pops up like this.  
    email not verified
  3. To verify your email account, click on the Re-send button in the Contact Information section seen below.
    email resend verification
  4. Check your email for the Email Verification.  It should have a link in the email that you click to “Validate Email”. Once you do that you should get a page that says “Your Email has been verified successfully.”

Once you have a Parent Portal account setup and your email verified, you can do the NEW Student Registration below.

Here are the steps to Enroll a NEW Student (one that did not attend Kountze ISD last year)


Here are the steps to register your NEW student(s)

  1. Go to Parent Portal here, and login to your account.
  2. Click on the Enroll a New Student Button.  If you do not see this button you may have to click on the profile icon in the top right corner (silhouette of a person) and then click on MY ACCOUNT.
    new student enrollment button
  4. Fill in the student’s First, Middle and Last name, and if applicable, Generation and click CONTINUE.
  5. On the ENROLLMENT KEY page just enter the letters that you see and click CONTINUE.
  6. It should say “Your key has been created and verified” and click CONTINUE.
  7. Click on ADD ADDRESS and enter your address. If you receive your mail at your physical address you can click the blue COPY button to copy the information to the Mailing Address.  Once you have that information, click SAVE.
  8. Click on ADD CONTACT and fill in the information requested.  If you don’t have something on the page, just skip it.  Click on SAVE.  Then continue to click on ADD CONTACT and enter contact information and SAVE each one until you have all of your student’s contacts listed and then click on Continue.
  9. Select Add/Edit info to select the student you have entered.
  10. Select the contacts that are to be assigned to the student by checking the boxes and select ONE of them to be the PRIMARY CONTACT.
  11. Fill in the rest of the things requested on this page. (DOB, Sex, SSN, Ethnicity).
  12. If you can take a picture of your Proof of Residency, Driver’s License (front and back), the student’s birth certificate and Immunizations documentation, you can upload these on this page.  Click on the blue DOCUMENT button on the corresponding line and it will bring up a dialog box for you to locate the file to upload.  Once you have the documents uploaded, click on SAVE AND CONTINUE.
  13. You then need to click the link in each of the 12 steps and complete each one before you can click the ENROLL STUDENT at the bottom of the page.

Some of the things in the 12 steps will require you to select information in the box and some are just information for you to read and when you click SAVE you are verifying that you have read the information in the box.  Once you have a check mark on all 12 items in the list, you should be able to click the ENROLL STUDENT button at the bottom of the page.