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Welcome to Mrs. Holland’s 3rd Grade Classroom


I teach Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies. I am looking forward to a great year!


Third Six Weeks

This unit bundles student expectations that focus on a variety of forms of expository text in order for students to understand and use text structures and features to facilitate in the identification of multiple purposes and details. Students examine the structure and features of a variety of expository text to establish a purpose for their reading and writing in order to increase comprehension and more clearly organize their thoughts and gain meaning. Processes are used to interact with the text by making connections, comparisons, and forming questions in order for ideas and perspectives to become more than just facts. Expository text and media provides the avenues to allow students to learn how to make inferences, draw conclusions, and provide textual evidence during their reading experiences. Students continue to examine teacher-selected and self-selected literature and media based on individual interest and abilities providing opportunities to make important personal and world connections within and across different contents.  They continue to communicate understanding of text through oral and written expression.

In Grades 01 and 02, students explored expository texts for the purpose of communication. During this unit, students examine expository text by identifying the main ideas and the supporting facts and details through the use of text features such as bold print, captions, italics, and key words. They identify cause and effect relationships between ideas in texts and draw conclusions from the facts presented in expository text. They continue to compose text using the fundamentals of the writing process to communicate their own understanding. Students explore language by identifying and applying playful language while continuing to build on the principles that vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, and grammar are critical to the ability to comprehend and communicate effectively. Students write with increased complexity of written conventions. Word study is inclusive of genre specific vocabulary, literary terms, and appropriate vocabulary from literature and is experienced before, during, and after reading. In Unit 04, students utilize skills and process learned to continue the exploration of informational text by focusing on the features and organization of procedural texts and documents.




Social Studies— In Social Studies we’ll be using Social Studies Weekly-famous Americans, good citizens, government, communities and education, and communities- civic virtue and engagement and how communities thrive when citizens participate.

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