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Posted Date: 03/12/2018

One Good Deed, Deserves Another!

One of our Kountze Middle School students has taken it upon herself to make the world a kinder place. Peyton McLaurin, a KMS 8th grade student, has been busy lobbying on behalf of the Kountze Middle School Bully Club. Peyton drafted a proclamation declaring January 2018 as the official anti-bullying month for Kountze Middle School. The City Council of Kountze, as well as, the Commissioner’s Court for Hardin County unanimously accepted the proclamation. The part of this story that makes it so special is the personal drive that Peyton put forth to make KISD and Kountze a safer place for children. Peyton wants all kids in the community to feel safe and to be free from bullying. We really do believe that she has succeeded on so many levels and we look forward to her future successes. A true example of KMS Pride!