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Posted Date: 12/07/2017

Our anti-bully program was featured on several news stations and in newspapers within the area. Our commitment to education includes how our students communicate with one another. Our goal is to create leaders that will stop bullying before it starts. These six peer coaches will encourage other students, family members and staff to show respect and communicate with others in a positive way. 


“Kountze — National Signing Day is a couple months away, however, Kountze Middle School decided to have their own "Signing Day".

Six signees may have not faxed a letter of intent, but signed on the dotted line and took a pledge to treat women with honor and respect. 

"Coaching Boys Into Men" is designed to build leadership for young teenagers.”


“Kountze Middle School had a special signing day inside its cafeteria Wednesday morning. Six campus coaches, all eighth graders, pledged to never bully a member of the opposite sex again. For the boys, the pledge focused on treating women with honor and respect.

The school implemented the state's suggested bully prevention program two years ago. This new commitment is mutual between the boys and the girls, as campus leaders put their names in writing to make sure respect is common practice at Kountze M.S. and perhaps one day, the entire district.   

"I mean no guy should ever hit a girl nor no girl should ever hit a guy," said Coach Edwards, one of the ladies who took the pledge.

In four years these ambassadors for common good will jump into the real world, with the intentions of practicing what they pledged for the rest of their lives. "In january we will begin a 10 week coaching boys into men program," said Coach 

These students are signing an official letter with major intentions to make sure those domestic abuse and violence towards women statistics drop or even disappear. The pledge reads as follows:

"I believe in treating women and girls with honor and respect. I know that violence is neither a solution nor a sign of strength. I believe that real men lead with conviction and speak out against violance against women and girls. I believe that I can be a role model to others by taking this pledge." 

They invite all offices, organziations, and leaders to take the same pledge they chose. 

"God created people to be together, not against each other," said Edwards.

It will be interesting to see how Kountze, Hardin County, and all of Southeast Texas reacts now and acts ten years from now when it comes to promises these individuals highlighted today.”