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Principal: Thomas Cooley

Phone: 409-246-3551
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PO Box 460 - 1676 FM 1293
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Middle School

Welcome to Kountze Middle School   where our motto is:

"Learning for Life"



If you have a student on the Elementary, Intermediate or Middle School campus, please fill out the following survey.  If you have a student on more than one campus please fill out the survey for each campus.  Thanks for your cooperation.
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     KMS has achieved a TEA 2016 accountability rating of Met Standard, but we were not alone as every campus in the district has Met Standard.

*Please review the complete campus reports below*

2016 TEA Accountability Reports

KISD Notice of Identification of Public Education Grant Program (PEG)

2015-16 Texas Academic Performance Report

K.M.S. Campus Improvement Plan 2016-17

2016 TEA School Report Card for K.M.S.

2016 Federal Report Card for K.M.S.

 Graduation Update

  Our Kountze Middle School 8th grade graduation program will take place in the Lion’s Den on May 25th at 9 AM. We encourage family members to arrive 15-20 minutes early in order to get a good seat and allow time to find the best spot for pictures. We will also have the 7th grade awards program on the 25th at 12 PM in the Lion’s Den. For this program, we again encourage family members to arrive 15-20 minutes early in order to find a good seat. 

KMS 2016-17 Teacher of the Year

 We would like to congratulate Mr. Joe Calhoun for being recognized as Kountze Middle School’s teacher of the year for 2016-17. Mr. Calhoun has demonstrated professionalism in and out of the classroom. Students in our district seek advice and mentoring from Coach Calhoun. He is also the campus leader in our anti-bulling campaign and the KMS Bully Club sponsor. We have found that students who move on to high school will come back to seek advice from Mr. Calhoun. It is his serious dedication inside and out of the classroom that has helped Mr. Calhoun earn the respect and admiration of his students and colleagues. Again, it is with great honor that we recognize Mr. Joe Calhoun as the Kountze Middle School teacher of the year.    



We are very proud of our young ladies!

Our Middle School cheerleaders placed second overall in the Team Event at the

American Cheer Power Competition!

That is a good-looking trophy!!! 

At KMS, We All Have the Heart of a Lion

Artwork By Emilie M.



 Our Secondary bell schedule is as follows (SecondarybellPDF). 

District Calendar

Positive News is Always Good News

We want to thank the community for coming out to the 2017 Play4Kay charity basketball game. This year’s game had a huge turnout and was able to raise over $1000 for cancer research charity. Our KMS Lion’s and Lionette’s both provided the crowd with exciting games that resulted in back-to-back home victories. We also want to thank the BOB Hope Middle School Eagles for participating in the games and bringing a supportive visiting crowd. Last year’s event earned our campus a full-page article in the October edition of TGCA News. We want to continue encouraging our students to look beyond the campus and helping the lives of those in our community and the world. Together, our family makes the difference!

KMS raised over 1000 cans during this year’s food drive. Read more about this year’s contributions in one of our KMS Newsletters.

Kountze Middle School was once again rewarded with a $500 grant for use in STEM classes. We want to thank Exxon Mobil and their educational alliance partners, Tri-Con Inc and Exxpress Mart for their generous donation. 


The TGCA has a fantastic article about last school year’s Play4Kay program hosted by our middle school girls’ basketball players. The article highlights the efforts Coach Mattox and our girls put forth in the fundraising and promoting of a positive cancer awareness program. We want to further recognize coach Mattox and her girls for their contributions and support of cancer survivors and our community as a whole. With staff and students like these, we will continue to gain state and national recognition for our positive efforts.

Please take the time to read the article as posted in the TGCA newsletter below.

TGCA News  

Classroom Report

The KMS Aviation Class put their drone to work during the community pep rally. Here are some in-flight images from the bonfire. We also recorded fantastic HD video footage while flying over the crowd. We want to thank out students for manning the drone and recording special community moments like these. 



Here is an Av-Science picture taken by Eli Whisenant at 400'

What a view!

Welcome Back!!!

KMS students and staff were welcomed back to school with a motivational salute to our campus communities. Positive messages were scrolled on our sidewalks over the weekend. Community members and current students took the time to write words of encouragement and strength. We are very excited and proud of our Lion Community coming together for the support of our students. To all of you who came out and improved the moral of our campus, Thank You. Only as a family will our district continue to grow.

If you take a look at our campus schedule, you just might notice something different. This year we have added a class to all middle school students. This isn’t just a tutorial time; this is our KMS Lion Pride Hour. We have the added benefit of including a 30-minute class opposite our students’ lunch periods. We will use this time to help strengthen our school mission of Learning for Life. Students can get help with a class subject they may feel needs strengthening, make up missed assignments and learn skills to improve their community. Together, our Pride can make a difference.

We have truly embraced the bully-free campus dream.

Please take the time to review our next step of preventing bullying at any campus level. Our students and staff have added the anti-bullying bystander pledge to our action list. Please feel free to review the pledge and make notes and changes that will benefit our family here at KMS.


Anti-Bystander Pledge


Reporting bullying is easy as submitting information via a class designed webpage


Looking at our past will shape our future. Last year was a milestone year for our anti-bullying program at Kountze Middle School. We learned a lot about what our students and community members are expecting from our school. We understand that no program can be perfect, but we also know that simply not working for a goal will always result in failure. I am proud to announce, that this school year, we will again embrace the Kountze Middle School Brave Blue Program. We will continue working towards a bully free campus. In order to do so, we need students to understand what bullying really looks like and what we can do as a family. Our Careers Class will explore the benefits of a bully free society and how to work towards that goal. We ask for your help and moral support as we continue to recognize and reduce the bullying in our community. 


2016 Hardin County Youth Project Show

Kountze Junior FFA

We are very proud of our middle school students and all the hard work they put into raising their livestock this year. Here are some pictures of our students’ winning animals and continued community involvement. 


Slide Show

KMS Former Student Updates

Very Special Visit

A big surprise was waiting for one of our 8th grade students during his lunch. Dustin Holmes, a member of the U.S. Army, made a surprise visit to KMS for lunch with his little brother, Brandon. We were excited to be part of a joyous reunion and a true surprise. Brandon was told that his older brother was not able to return home after completion of his latest military training session, but we knew he was coming to visit. Dustin is a former KMS student and a current military pen-pal for several classes in KISD. Dustin, thank you for your service to our country and you are welcome to visit your brother here at KMS anytime you are on leave. 


Former KMS student Grayland Arnold, looks good in green.

*If you have any pictures or success stories of KMS alumni, please feel free to email us 


At Kountze Middle School, we strive to have a "bully-free"campus.  

See Local Policies FFI and FFH 

End of Year!!!

New Stories!!!

May 2017 edition

Kountze Middle School Mania!

Take a look at our hardworking staff and the great things they are doing at KMS.

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We are proud of our students’ commitment to the Anti-Bullying activities and their dedication to making this community a better and safer place. We are also very proud of our TEA rating of Met Standard for our district and campus. We will again focus on our TEA ratings and our students’ involvement in positive campus programs. As always, it is our goal to deliver a 21st century education in a safe and nurturing classroom setting. We look forward to working with our students, parents, and the Kountze community for another successful school year. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at (409) 246-3551.
Please join us in support of The Kountze Middle School Compact

Student Information:

Kountze Middle School Student Handbook 

Kountze ISD Student Code of Conduct 

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Student Expectations at Varsity Football Games

KMS Parental Involvement Policy

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