About Gregg Bass

Course Name: United States History

Instructors: Gregg A. Bass

Room: 120   

Required Text: United States History, Since 1877,  McGraw-Hill

Tutorial Times: Monday through Thursday 7:25am (or by appointment)


Course Description:

United States History from 1865 covers the period of time from Reconstruction to the present with emphasis on the following essential elements: students will understand the emergence of the United States as a world power; locate and identify geographically the states, major cities, rivers, and mountain ranges as well as the major physical regions of the United States; understand the major factors contributing to the social and cultural development of the United States, i.e., impact of the US westward expansion, immigration, social reform movement, and leaders. Students, will understand the political development of the United States by analyzing leaders, and by analyzing the development of the three branches of government.


Teaching Procedures:

Including but not limited to: Class Discussion, Independent Study, Guided Practice, Multi-Media Presentations, Group Study, Thinking Maps, emphasizing History Alive.


Course Outline:

First Semester: Westward Expansion, Immigration, Growth & Industrialization, The Progressive Era, and America Becomes a World Power, Roaring Twenties, Jazz Age, The Great Depression and the New Deal, WWII.

Second Semester: WWII,  the Civil Rights Movement, 1950s, 1960s, JFK, LBJ, The Cold War, Vietnam, the Modern Age, and the Basics of Democracy.


Student Management Plan:

The policies established in the KISD Student Handbook will be supported in this class by following four simple rules:

1. Be Punctual.

2. Be Prepared.

3. Be Polite & Respectful

4. Participate in the Learning Process.


Make-up Exam and Work and Late Work Policy:

K.I.S.D. policy as stated in the Student Handbook will be supported. You are expected to review and understand the policy as stated in the Student Handbook.


Course Grades:

40% = Daily

60% = Major Grades