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Vocabulary for the 5th  6 weeks:       TEST April 4th  TEST

World Studies

Vocabulary for the 5th 6 Weeks   -     Test April 4th


1.  outback - a wilderness region of a country, especially Australia, where very few people live; animals such as the Australian feral camel, donkey and dingo live in the dry Australian outback, and a few areas are used as rangelands for sheep and cattle grazing


2. parliament - the main legislative, or law-making, part of the government in various countries


3.  ecosystem - a group of plants and animals living together in a particular area, dependent upon each other and the environment that they inhabit


4.  typhoon - a violent tropical storm beginning near the equator in the western Pacific and Indian oceans; these tropical cyclones produce powerful winds, heavy rains, high waves, storm surges and can spawn tornadoes


5.  cacao - a small tree growing in tropical regions whose seeds are used to make cocoa and chocolate


6.  luau - a traditional Hawaiian feast with ethnic foods, music and entertainment


7.  NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization - an international organization established in 1949 to promote mutual defense and collective security of member nations


8.  EU - European Union - an organization of European countries dedicated to increasing economic integration and strengthening cooperation among its members


9.  WTO - World Trade Organization - an international organization that promotes and enforces the provisions of trade laws and regulations


10.  territory - a geographic area that is owned and controlled by another government or country


11.  international -  involving two or more countries, extending beyond or across national boundaries


12..  honorary citizen - a person who is awarded the title of citizen of a city or a country even though that person does not live there; the person has usually given outstanding service and made distinguished achievements that have helped that particular place


13.  refugee - a person who flees to another country to live, especially to avoid war or persecution


14.  terrain - an area of land, especially in regard to its surface features and geography


15.  dispute (verb)  to question the truth of something; to disagree or argue about something


16.  dispute (noun)  a serious argument or disagreement


17.  adapt - to change a trait to survive; to change of way of doing something to survive


18.  cooperate - to act or work with others


19.  regulate - to adjust or control something according to rules or laws


20.  diverse - different from each other