Assignments and Important Dates


This page will contain vocabulary and other information about assignments. 

Vocabulary for this 6 weeks:

barter – to trade by exchanging goods instead of money

economy- the management of the resources of a community, region or country

climate – the prevailing weather conditions of a region throughout the year, averaged over a series of years

bands – large family groups that are governed by family elders or religious leaders

export – (verb) to send goods to other countries for sale or trade

export – (noun) things that are sent to other countries for sale or trade

natural resource –  something found in nature that has economic value, such as minerals or forests

civil war – a war between opposing groups of citizens from the same country

monarchy – a system ruled for life by a monarch, often a king or queen

socialism – a system of a society or government where ownership and distribution of capital, land and resouces belong to the community as a whole

fast – (verb) to refrain from eating food for a period of time, especially as part of a religious observance

democracy – a system of government where every person is free and equal to participate

apartheid – a system of government in South Africa from 1948-1990 separating people by race and denying all people except whites to take part in the government

treason – betraying the government

livestock – farm animals such as beef and dairy cattle, pigs, sheep, goats or poultry that are raised for food or for sale

sorghum – a cereal plant often raised for animal feed

cassava – the edible root of a tropical plant that is used for food, much like potatoes