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Kountze Middle School Band OPS results

 The Royal Regiment was entered into the Outstanding Performance Series contest hosted by the Association of Small School Bands.   At the region 10 round, our march placed 1st  in the march category and our two concert selections placed 1st and 2nd in the concert category. Advancing to the area east round our march placed 3rd, with our two concert selections placing 6th and 7th.  Although not advancing to state, the band did very well, advancing to the area level for the second time.

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6:50-7:35          H.S. Band Practice

7:44-8:29          H.S. Band

8:33-9:18          M.S.  Woodwinds

9:22-10:07        M.S.  Brass

10:11-10:56      M.S. Percussion

11:00-11:30      Lunch/Conference

11:35-12:05     H.S. Instrumental

12:09-12:54     H.S. Instrumental

12:58-1:43       M.S. Instrumental

2:05-2:37         I.S. Band

2:42-3:15         I.S. Band