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12:25-1:05 Monday - Thursday
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Pam Lewis' Schedule for the 2017-2018 School Year

Morning Announcements................    7:45 

7:40-8:42        1st Period

8:45-9:25        Academic Enrichment

9:28-10:25      2nd Period

10:28-11:25    3rd Period

11:28-11:58    Lunch/Recess

12:02-1:00      4th Period

1:03-2:02        5th Period

2:05-3:20         PE, Band, and Music

2:05-2:30         AIP

3:20                  Duty


4th 6 Weeks  

 Islands of the Carribbean – South America

 Students will use maps to study the location and physical characteristics of the country or countries in that region.  They will also discuss the population, government climate, economy and culture of each region. The focus of each paper will be on the contemporary world, but historical information will be included where needed to help students understand the people, government and social condition of each region.


Students will also research islands of the Caribbean and put together a slide show featuring general information.