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Weekly Vocabulary Words

Week 7 Words to Know


  • Articles of Confederation: a written plan of government ratified in 1781 by 13 original states, establishes a plan for government
  • rebellion: open, armed, organized resistance to government
  • arsenal: all the weapons and equipment a country has
  • convention: a meeting
  • preamble: introduction
  • branches: a division
  • Congress: lawmaking branch of U.S. government
  • House: one of two parts of Legislative Branch
  • Senate: one of two parts of Legislative Branch
  • Senator: one who serves in the U.S. Senate as a representative for their state—two per state
  • Representative: a person who represents others in Congress
  • bill: a statute before it becomes law
  • veto: to vote against or refuse to endorse
  • treaty: a written agreement between two states or powers
  • currency: money
  • nominate: to propose as a candidate
  • pardon: forgive
  • unconstitutional: conflicts with the Constitution